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Aranda Vinyl Pavilion

Aranda Vinyl Pavilion


red rose selections gazebo logo Not only does the Aranda Pavilion boast the same structural integrity as the standard pavilion, it exceeds it! Tell us in what size you are interested, and we will give you a quote.

Standard Features

  • Arched vertical-bead board
  • Vinyl headers on the inside and out
  • Dentil moulding
  • 12" overhang with vinyl drip-edge detailing
  • 7-pitch roof
  • 8x8 posts with post trim detail
First picture: 22' x 24', Harvard Slate architectural shingles, and custom cupola.
Second picture: 14' x 17'

Dental moulding and bead-board header with finished vinyl ceiling

The finished ceiling of the standard vinyl pavilion

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