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Standard Vinyl Pavilion

Standard Vinyl Pavilion


red rose selections gazebo logo Our standard vinyl pavilion is constructed of SYP and coated in high-quality vinyl. The pavilion is supported by 8" square columns with corner trim and post skirts. The pavilions are built to be attached directly to a concrete pad or deck using powder-coated anchor brackets. The headers are built with 2x10 ply pressure treated SYP, which can span up to 18' without sagging, or, with optional Paralam engineered beams, can span up to 30'. Closed corner braces add stability in high wind. The roof is built to a 55⁄8" pitch and has 10" overhangs. It is constructed using 2x8 rafters, exterior-grade sheeting, and then protected with felt paper and 30 year architectural shingles. The interior ceiling is finished in white vinyl siding making the pavilion maintenance free on the inside and out. All of the aspects of the pavilion come together to create a look and feeling of grandeur. Tell us in what size you are interested, and we will give you a quote.

Maintenance-free interior vinyl ceiling. Fan not included.

The finished ceiling of the standard vinyl pavilion

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