Site Prep

Myerstown Sheds Providing Site Prep

Having us do the site prep for you? Here is what to expect.

  • A shed 10'x12' or larger should have a dig out. Even a small amount of slope can make a significant difference. For the dig out, we level the site with a skid loader. The depth that we will need to dig down will vary, depending on the amount of slope.
  • After doing the dig out, we put down roughly 3-4” of 2-A modified stone. In some cases, more stone may be needed to get the site completely level.
  • If you are getting a shed smaller than 10'x12' and the ground is flat, we can simply put the stone down on the grass.
  • *Please note, we do not include any kind of borders in the price for a pad. Pressure-treated borders must be priced by the job, depending on the size of the shed and the amount of slope.

Customer Providing Site Prep

Doing your own site prep? Here are a few tips!

  • We recommend setting the shed on 3-4” of 2-A modified stone. (You can also use 2-B stone.) The pad should be a minimum of 6” wider than the shed on all sides.
  • The surface of the pad MUST be level to ensure that all doors and windows will work properly. To get the pad completely level, sight it and smooth out any rises or low spots. Our delivery man is NOT responsible to level the pad on delivery.
  • Myerstown Sheds & Fencing is NOT responsible for any settling or shifting of stone pads done by the customer, a landscaper, etc.

      Shed with dig out & stone pad                                        Shed with stone pad



Take a closer look at the site prep we offer...

Dig-out & Stone Pad

-With a dig out, we level the ground first and then put down the stone base.

Stone Pad

-The stone pad was simply put on top of the ground and leveled. No excavation is involved...

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