Elementz Fire & Ice Table

Dimensions: 24.25" h x 48" d x 48" w

Weight: 205 lbs

Elementz Fire & Ice Table includes a 70,000 BTU burner unit, control panel, tempered glass guard, clear, fireglass beads (10 lbs), a premium polyester table cover, and even a natural gas converter. The burner can be quickly and easily replaced with a stainless steel beverage cooler, sold separately.

It's super easy to get started.

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  • elementz_fire_&_ice_table
    Elementz Fire & Ice Table
  • elementz_fire_&_ice_table_w/_burner
    Elementz Fire & Ice Table w/ Burner
  • elementz_fire_&_ice_table_w/_beverage_cooler
    Elementz Fire & Ice Table w/ Beverage Cooler
Additional Info

This tan protective cover is made from premium polyester. (It comes standard with the table.)

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