Prime+ Collection

Traditional Wood Aesthetic

Get the simple, traditional wood look you love without the rigorous maintenance of wood. Featuring subtle color blending and a rift- and quarter-sawn straight grain pattern, our lighter-weight scalloped profile premium polymer capped composite boards deliver real wood aesthetics you’ll never have to sand, stain, or seal.

Deck Boards

  • Actual dimensions: 5.36″ x 0.94″
  • Lengths available:
  • Square-Shoulder 16′ and 20′
  • Grooved 12′, 16′ and 20′

Riser Boards

  • Actual dimensions: 0.58″ x 7.25″
  • Lengths available: 12′

Fascia Boards

  • Actual dimensions: 0.58″ x 11.95″
  • Lengths available: 12′

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  • prime+-collection-dark-cocoa
    Prime+ Collection - Dark Cocoa
  • prime+-collection-coconut-husk
    Prime+ Collection - Coconut Husk
  • prime+-collection-sea-salt-gray
    Prime+ Collection - Sea Salt Gray
Additional Info

Why does Prime+ have an engineered, scalloped profile?

The engineered, scalloped profile of Prime+ provides an optimal design for a deck board that offers a beautiful finish and full 16″ on-center span, all at an incredible value compared to wood.

Can Cortex® hidden fasteners be used with Prime+?

No, Cortex is not compatible with scalloped Prime+ boards. We suggest using TOPLoc® for TimberTech Composite™ as it provides a clean color-matched look, easy installation, and strength with a top-down fastening system.

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