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Soft ground can be a big challenge for a shed delivery. If your area has experienced recent storms, such as rain, snow, or other conditions that have left the ground soft and muddy, please contact us to reschedule delivery if necessary. We are not responsible for property damage. If we must cross through a neighbor's yard, you as the customer must obtain permission from the neighbor prior to the delivery.


Delivery of your shed will require some additional space. That means a standard 10' wide shed would require 12' of clearance, while a 12' wide shed would require 14' of clearance. This would include the overhang at the roof. We also need around 14' high clearance (unless delivered on the Shed Mule). Please be sure we have access and the proper clearance (width & height) from the entrance of your property to the prepared site. If we cannot access the site and must return at a later date, additional charges may apply for the extra trip.


If we must access your backyard through a gate or opening to reach your prepared site, the gate will need to be wide enough for our truck to pass through. If we are pulling straight into the gate, the clearances listed above will work fine. However, if we are turning into the gate or the ground is not level in that area, we may require additional clearance space. You can also temporarily remove fence posts to allow our truck to access the site. You will need to have this done before we arrive with your shed on the day of delivery.


Your shed will most likely be delivered on a truck (and/or trailer). We will need access on at least one side of the pad to roll the shed off the truck or the trailer onto the pad.


If you have any questions or are unsure about your shed delivery, please contact us, so we can help you  resolve any problems before delivery. We can possibly use aerial maps and talk through the delivery process over the phone or you can send us photos/videos of your property to ensure the delivery is possible.

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