Shed Delivery

Shed Delivery Process

The method in which we deliver your structure will vary depending on the size, style, and property layout. A very large percentage of our pre-built structures can be delivered directly to your property using our custom shed trucks and trailers while some deliveries require our Shed Mover or “Mule”. In instances where there is absolutely no access for equipment, we may need to crane the structure into place or build it on-site. Regardless of which delivery option is needed, it is very important to make sure that you have adequate access and space around the pad. To learn more about site preparation, go to our site prep page.

Truck & Trailer Delivery

As mentioned before, most of our structures are delivered by truck and trailer. To ensure we can get the structure to the desired location, a path that is at least two feet wider than your structure is required. A wider path is required if we need to make turns and corners. Many structures require a clearance of at least 14’ in height, but this may vary either way.


Shed Mover “Mule” Delivery

A “Mule” is a machine resembling a small all-terrain forklift. Also known as a shed mover, this machine can move structures when the standard truck & trailer method cannot be used. The machine attaches to and lifts the gable end of the shed while a set of heavy-duty dolly wheels are placed under the 4x4 runners on the opposite end. Our operators will then "drive" the shed to the prepared site most times using remote controls.

The structure must still be transported to your property via truck and trailer. We will then unload the structure on the street (if possible) and use the Mule to place the structure.


Shed Craning

Whether there's a fence in the way or maybe it's simply too tight, if we can't get into your backyard with our truck & trailer or the shed mule, we can possibly crane the structure into place.


Built On-Site

In situations where none of the above options are feasible, a build-on-site may be an option. We’ll deliver the structure as a kit, allowing us to carry the materials directly to the site. This option will require the least amount of access but most times will be the most expensive when compared with the other options.

Weather Conditions

A wet yard will most likely hinder the delivery process. Our entire truck and trailer must cross the yard to the site so the ground cannot be soft, newly seeded, muddy, saturated in water, etc.

No worries, we will guide you through the buying process and set up the most efficient delivery method based on your property layout and conditions. Our friendly sales staff will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding the delivery of your new structure.

We Deliver!

Our professional drivers deliver garages & sheds all over central PA and surrounding areas. Our custom shed trailers and shed moving equipment allow us to place buildings in hard-to-access areas. We also offer delivery for pavilions, gazebos, pool houses, cabanas, and more.

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