Merriweather Octagon Picnic Table

This sturdy table comfortably provides ample space for dining, playing games, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Crafted with durability in mind, the table features a solid construction ensuring long-lasting use. The attached benches offer additional seating convenience, making it ideal for picnics, barbecues, or any outdoor event. Upgrade your outdoor space with this versatile and practical picnic table that combines functionality with style.

4' Octagon Picnic Table

  • 48"w x 48"L x 29"h
  • Seat height: 16"

5' Octagon Picnic Table

  • 60"w x 60"L x 28"h
  • Seat height: 16"

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  • 48"-octagon-picnic-table-merriweather
    4' Octagon Picnic Table - Merriweather
  • 60"-octagon-picnic-table-merriweather
    5' Octagon Picnic Table - Merriweather
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