The Chesapeake Series railing is the perfect choice for those who like to spend time on the deck with friends and family. The deckboard top rail gives guests a convenient place to rest food plates or drinks, making it easy to host events outdoors. Chesapeake also gives options for customization: add a coordinating top rail to match the deck or make your own design statement. The Chesapeake Series is code approved for ultimate safety and beautifully designed and engineered in the USA.

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  • chesapeake_series_horizontal_cable_1
    Chesapeake Series -Horizontal Cable
  • chesapeake_series_horizontal_cable_2
    Chesapeake Series -Horizontal Cable 2
  • chesapeake_series_aluminum_railing _profile
    Chesapeake Series Aluminum Railing Profile
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30 inch height is only available in Model, Madison, or Heritage. Please review your baluster style above.

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