400 Series

Entertain in Style

The 400 Series is the optimal way to create a space for entertaining that’s warm and welcoming, thanks to its easy-to-install drink rail. Made of sturdy low maintenance vinyl and aluminum and customized with a deckboard of your choice, the 400 Series is both stylish and built to last.

It's super easy to get started.

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  • 400_series_vinyl_railing
    400 Series Vinyl Railing
  • 400_series_vinyl_railing_2
    400 Series Vinyl Railing 2
  • 400_series_vinyl_railing_3
    400 Series Vinyl Railing 3
  • 400_series_vinyl_railing_profile
    400 Series Vinyl Railing Profile
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30 inch height is only available in Model, Madison, or Heritage. Please review your baluster style above.

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