The Modern Wood Studio

This studio is a great choice whether you need a serene space for an office, a cozy music studio, or a tranquil retreat for writing. Our lean-to wood studio is the perfect choice.

Standard features include:

  • Slant Roof
  • 6” Overhangs
  • 7’ Back Walls, 9’ Front wall (may vary due to width size)
  • 78” Tall Wood Double Door, w/ Transom
  • Two 24” x 36” Single Hung Windows
  • 24” x 10” Transom Windows: Front Walls Qty: 4, 5, or 6 (depending on shed size)
  • Metal Roof (OSB Roof Sheathing)
  • WOOD LP Smart Trim: Windows, Corners, Door, and Roof Line

Height from ground to peak:

  • 8' Wide    114"
  • 10' Wide  120"
  • 12' Wide  126"

Wall Height:  7' back, 9' front

It's super easy to get started.

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    The Modern Wood Studio
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×Sheds 6' wide and less, the 3' single door is standard. Sheds over 6' wide, the 5' double door is standard.

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×Garages: 10' wide -8'x7' garage door standard, 12' wide+ -9'x7' garage door standard

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×All fiberglass doors are white.

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