Site Preparation

Site Prep Options

A solid foundation is essential for obtaining maximum performance and lasting durability for your structure. When it comes to choosing which pad is best for your shed, we are here to help.

Why do sheds need site prep?

  • The entire structure must be level for the windows and doors to open and close properly.
  • A structure placed directly on the ground will rot and deteriorate a lot faster than one placed on a solid pad with proper drainage features.
  • If a shed is placed directly on the ground, it may void the warranty of the structure.

Cinder Blocks

We DO NOT recommend placing the structure on cinder blocks. This may be a cheaper way to build a base but most likely will cause settling issues early on. This may also void the warranty of the structure if it is not leveled properly. A stone base is the recommended way to go and the most cost-effective.

Stone Base

We recommend a stone base for the pad. The ideal pad consists of 3-4” of 2-A modified stone. (You can also use 2-B stone or something similar.) The pad should be a minimum of 6” wider than the shed on all sides to ensure proper drainage and to reduce splash-back.

The surface of the pad MUST be level to ensure that all doors and windows will work properly. To get the pad completely level, sight it and smooth out any rises or low spots. Sometimes the site will have to be excavated beforehand to ensure a level surface for the stone base and prevent washout. Our delivery personnel are NOT responsible for leveling the pad on delivery. If leveling is needed, additional charges will apply.

Myerstown Sheds & Fencing will NOT be held responsible for any settling or shifting of pads done by the customer, a landscaper, etc.

Concrete Pad

A concrete pad will provide a very solid base but will most likely be the most expensive option. If doing a concrete pad, make sure it is the exact dimensions of the structure to ensure a watertight seal. We do not offer concrete pads as a service but would recommend the following contractor(s):

Springside Concrete
  • Address: 709 Schaeffer Road, Lebanon, PA 17042
  • Phone: (717) 454-5369
  • Website

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