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It’s that beautiful, soft-light time of evening. A breeze jostles the leaves gently. A robin chirrups liltingly. It’s too lovely to be indoors, but you haven't anywhere to kick back in your yard either.

Maybe it’s time to consider a pavilion or gazebo for your outdoor haven.

  • Appeal - provide harmonious beauty and usefulness for any backyard
  • Peace of mind - never worry about the forecast when hosting a party 
  • Shade - trade the blazing sun for relaxing shade 
  • Space - host more guests with ease
  • Property value - add value to your home

Just think of all the things that would be possible…

  • Outdoor kitchen/dining - grill with your friends or host a dinner party
  • Outdoor family room - have quality time with your kids or spouse
  • Personal retreat - read a book or enjoy your morning coffee
  • Poolside lounge - escape the sun’s continual glare
  • Hot tub cover - prevent your hot tub from spoiling your garden’s aesthetics
  • Nature retreat - enjoy the birds and flowers in your backyard
  • Event space - host an informal garden party, or a formal reception

What is the difference between an outdoor pavilion and a gazebo?

According to Merriam-Webster, an outdoor pavilion is a decorative building used as a shelter in a park or large garden. Typically a pavilion is open sided, sporting only posts and a roof. It may sometimes be connected to another building. 

A gazebo, on the other hand, is always a freestanding structure. It may include a railing, screening, or built in seating. A traditional gazebo is octagonal, but round or rectangular ones are also available. Gazebos are frequently featured as the focal point of a garden, situated to take advantage of the view.

Is a Vinyl Pavilion or a Wood Pavilion Better for a Hershey, PA Location?

The Advantage of a Wood Pavilion or Wood Gazebo

Large or small, ornate or rustic, traditional or trendy, wood gazebos and wood pavilions are available in many styles and sizes. With a broad appeal because of the classic wood look, they are perfect for most locations. Wood pavilions and wood gazebos are typically more budget friendly as well.

A wood pavilion is commonly constructed of pressure-treated southern white pine. Sometimes, for a more classy look, a naturally rot-resistant species like cedar is used. And if you ever want a new look, all you need to do is paint it.

Because of the exposure of wood to the weather, some maintenance is necessary for maintaining the luster of a wood pavilion. 

  • Inspect your structure periodically for signs of damage or deterioration. Make repairs as soon as you can.
  • Check the post footings and the entire structure for loose or broken screws, bolts or other fasteners.
  • Apply fresh paint or stain every few years, and a water-resistant sealant for protection from moisture.

If maintained properly, your wood pavilion or wood gazebo can last several generations.

The Benefits of a Vinyl Gazebo or Vinyl Pavilion

The crisp, clean look of vinyl pavilions or vinyl gazebos add modern elegance to your property in a way that wood cannot. They are exceptionally long-lasting, and stay looking “new” for many years. 

Since vinyl is a void-free surface, it naturally repels dirt and dust. Your vinyl gazebo or pavilion will require little to no maintenance on a regular basis. An occasional washing may be all you need to do over decades of use. No repainting or restaining will be needed.

Durability and vinyl are synonymous. Vinyl stands up well to extreme weather conditions or a high UV index. Its surface is harder than most woods, which means it is more scratch-resistant. In the rare event it does get scratched, the color is consistent throughout the material, so no touch-up is required. 

The impervious surface of vinyl keeps water from penetrating it, which means it will not rot. This makes vinyl attractive to the homeowner looking to build a pavilion in a damp or wet location or climate.

Vinyl is a natural deterrent to insects. Bees are not able to drill into it as they can on many wood surfaces.

Vinyl pavilions have a much longer life expectancy than traditional wood pavilions. It’s not unreasonable to assume a vinyl pavilion will last a lifetime. 

Vinyl pavilions and vinyl gazebos are virtually maintenance-free, perfect for the build-it-and-forget-it lifestyle. Spend less time on maintenance and more time on fun.

The Myerstown Sheds Advantage

Our pavilions and gazebos are built of high-quality materials and offer a range of customization options to accommodate your budget and needs. We are committed to excellent customer service, meaning you can expect first-rate support and assistance throughout the buying and installation process.

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Hershey - The Sweetest Place on Earth

The humming town of Hershey is the legacy of one man’s innovation and perseverance. 

Milton S. Hershey’s sweet success story had a rather sour beginning. After apprenticing with a confectioner for several years, Hershey began his own candy shop in Philadelphia. It failed. After a second failed attempt in Chicago and a third failure in New York City, Hershey moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where he founded the Lancaster Caramel Company. By using fresh milk in his recipe he created a new, extra creamy caramel, and business escalated.

At the 1893 World's Exposition in Chicago, Hershey saw chocolate-making machines for the first time. He was hooked. Hershey sold his caramel company for $1 million to focus on chocolate. To people who questioned him, he said, "Caramels are just a fad, but chocolate is a permanent thing."

In 1903, Hershey began construction of a chocolate plant in his hometown of Derry Church, Pennsylvania (later known as Hershey). The site was conveniently situated near rich farmland, providing easy access to milk for his innovative products. The town became an inexpensive place for the workers and their families to live. To increase employee morale, Hershey provided leisure activities and created what would later become Hersheypark. The milk chocolate bars from this plant proved popular, and the company grew rapidly.

Unable to have children of his own, Hershey founded the Hershey Industrial School for orphaned boys. In 1918, three years after the death of his wife, Hershey donated around $90 million to the boarding school in trust, as well as 40% of the Hershey Company's common stock. The school's initial purpose was to train young men in trades but it eventually shifted focus to preparation for college.

Today, thanks to the influence and generosity of this man, we have the Hershey Museum, the Hershey Gardens, the Hershey Theatre, the Hotel Hershey, the famous Hersheypark and the extensive Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

Why not add a sweet spot to your own backyard? Need help designing the perfect outdoor pavilion or outdoor gazebo? Contact Us, we will be delighted to assist you.

Landmark sign in Hershey, PA citing historic information
We just had a vinyl privacy fence installed and are so happy and pleased at how it looks! It is exactly what we wanted and the guys who installed the fence did excellent work. From the beginning when I first met with Stanley Bicher about having a fence installed until the end when it is now up and looks was a good experience all around. I highly recommend Myerstown Fence for any of your fencing needs!
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Outdoor Pavilion and Gazebo Delivery to Hershey, PA

Is your property difficult to access? Unsure how to navigate the Hershey traffic with an awkward load? Delivering pavilions and gazebos is our business- leave the worry to us! 

We would be delighted to deliver your gazebo or pavilion to your residence in Hershey or the surrounding community. Contact us to discuss delivery details.

Wood pavilion with gray stain for Hershey, PA
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